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Cómo Descargar Microsoft Word Para Mac Cuny Student.

Your account is used exclusively for the Office 365 student email system, and is separate from your GC network account. Your GC network account is used exclusively to access the Graduate Center's online resources and various other systems.

Cómo Descargar Microsoft Word Para Mac Cuny Student.

If a faculty/staff member also has a student account, will their accounts be combined? No, they will remain separate. Students will continue to log into their account with

All John Jay faculty are licensed to use Microsoft Office 365 from home with the full suite of applications such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Assess Office 365 and log in using your CUNYfirst username and password (i.e.

Office productivity software includes word processing, spreadsheets, basic databases, presentations, and document preparation. These programs may help you read or write mathematics papers, syllabi, slideshows, and other documents on your computer.

If you do not have a reliable device at home, you may borrow a Chromebook or iPad and Wi-Fi hotspot from LaGuardia. Headphones are also available. For questions about device loans, contact the Student Information Center (SIC) at (be sure to include your full name and EMPLID). Use your LaGuardia email address ( and password to access:

If you use a Mac computer or iOS device your new cloud email can be added as an Exchange profile to your existing mail client or you can download the Outlook app which has many great features. You can download the Outlook client from the Apple Store if you do not already have it. You will be prompted for an account login, just use your CUNYfirst credentials with the domain and password. MFA will pop up, enter your designated choice for authentication and you will be logged in and see all your emails after the migration of your mail box is in progress.

All Research Foundation staff must have a claimed CUNYfirst account in order to use the new Microsoft 365 email York mail has migrated to. If you have not done so already, you need to fill out a POI form from Human Resources, have it signed and approved by your supervisor, upload the signed and approved form to the HR document portal for processing. When the CUNYfirst account is created, you need to claim the account where you will received your credentials. With the CUNYfirst credentials and password you can visit and login. You may be prompted to setup MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) but once done you should see the Microsoft Office Outlook on the left side, click on it and all your emails are there if you had an existing York mail account. If this is your first time using a York mail account it will be empty.


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