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hyperMILL 2012: A Powerful and Flexible CAM System for Milling and Turning

it is possible to refine the analysis of the number of items in the daily news feed, butthis wasn't possible with this sort of precision when i started with the test. forinstance, it's possible to wait to generate the second generation of posts untilafter you've submitted the first. but my approach would have generated toomany. another limitation of this implementation is that it is impossible to knowon a per-item basis which type of generation you're seeing. this limitationcomes from the way i originally used the feedbin to implement the test - it'sset up to generate a series of numbers for the start time of a set of posts.some of this information is available if you ask, but it's impossible to knowwhere you fall on the scale, per-item. it's likely that most of you will fall in thehigher end of the spectrum.

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