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Functional Movement System By Gray Cook-torrent.rar UPDATED

The first thing to create is the index. This super functional page, similar to a table of contents, is one of the elements that sets this system apart from the rest. Before an index, I used to flip around page by page looking for an old note or list. Now I can head to the index and see exactly where I put what with a fraction of the effort.

Functional Movement System By Gray Cook-torrent.rar

A thing to note here: animations is effectively the most active part of Skyrim modding stage rn, and there are both new mods being made to stick with "oldschool" animation system (simply said, the "2D" movement and combat), and "new gen" mods ("3D" animation mods which are based on or made in mind with animation overhauls or complex movement mods, like MCO/TDM etc). As for today, animation segment of Skyrim modding is huge, and also pretty complex. It's not possible to list whether this or that animation mod is compatible with a certain behaviour overhaul or some other large animation mod - some "2D" animation mods work just fine with "3D" overhauls and frameworks, some are not. Thus, first of all for yourself - decide what kind of animation style, the "Elden Ring/Hellblade" one, or the classic Skyrim one, you prefer. Then, take or skip certain animation overhauls - and thus build your further animation setup around them, or not. This will take some time experimenting, but with animations, what's better - "3D" or "2D", simple animations or combos, etc - it's a personal preference of every player. 350c69d7ab


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