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Can You Buy A Zumiez Couch

Zumiez stores are designed with an "organized chaos" theme "that is consistent with many teenagers' lifestyles."[8] The stores are stocked with couches to encourage customers "to shop for longer periods of time and to interact with each other and the store associates." To further benefit that thought stores used to have video game stations where customers could chill and spend more time in the store. Each store is approx. 2,900 ft2.[4] The stores generally feature a sales floor, couches and action sports oriented video game stations, changing rooms, and a "skate shop." However, this plan may be modified based on space restrictions.[9]

can you buy a zumiez couch

Legendary street artist Ron English recently lent his talents to clothier Zumiez for a special line of POPaganda themed shirts and other wares. To help the launch of the line, English stopped by their flagship store in Union Square and hosted a special "Couch Party" where he painted a custom couch with his signature style. 041b061a72


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