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Uninstall Facebook App Droid Razr ((HOT))

Instagram was crashing on numerous Android devices in Q1 and Q2 of 2018. Problems of this nature are not excessively common but they do arise on occasion. Instagram rolled out a repair that resolved the bug automatically and Android users were not required to do anything outside of their standard automatic updates. The patch worked on most phones, although a small percentage of phones would not push the update live. In these cases, Instagram simply asked the users to uninstall the app, then execute a fresh install from Google Play. This fix resolved the Android Instagram error.

uninstall facebook app droid razr

Depending on the manufacturers and carriers, certain Android device may include own custom-made web browsers. It is therefore, advisable to uninstall the default web browsers and install the most reliable ones available from Play Store for a smooth user experience. Often people install browsers like Chrome from Play Store but they do not uninstall the browser that came with phone.


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